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Prem Hirubalan


Prem Hirubalan is a finance professional and entrepreneur based in New York City. While studying at Syracuse University, Prem learned about cryptocurrencies and became increasingly interested in the asset and its potential to change the world. Prem strongly believes that cryptocurrency has the potential to revolutionize the financial industry. He is particularly fascinated by blockchain and its ability to help reduce friction in databases. Prem looks forward to learning more about cryptocurrency and its implications for the financial industry as he continues his career.

While Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency, Prem Hirubalan is quick to point out that the technology behind Bitcoin, blockchain, is truly transformative technology. Blockchain technologies have the potential to transform society in a number of ways. Since blockchains are very secure, they could potentially be used for online voting and record management in addition to payment systems. Since the technology behind cryptocurrency is so new and complex, many people have a difficult time understanding it. Prem encourages anyone who is interested in the subject to attend a meetup where he or she can learn about the technology from other people who share their interest.

Data Science

In addition to his interest in cryptocurrency, Prem Hirubalan is a student of data science. While working in the financial industry, he began to learn more about the technology involved in analyzing large data sets. Soon he started studied R and Python, two of the most popular computer programing languages that are used in data science. Learning how to program is not the easiest skill to pick up, yet Prem believes that anybody can learn if they are determined and remain persistent. The ability to analyze data is a valuable skill to have in today’s world where there is so much data available to businesses. Prem looks forward to applying his data science skills to future projects.


Outside of his career, one of Prem Hirubalan’s biggest passions is rugby. From the time that he was a child, Prem played the sport. During his time at Syracuse University, Prem was the captain of the school’s rugby team. One of his favorite rugby memories is playing Army at West Point. Most people assumed that Army would crush Syracuse, but the team ended up only losing by five points. Even though the team lost Prem remembers how much effort his teammates put into the game and how much fun they had. Today Prem doesn’t have the time to play rugby for a team, but he still enjoys following his favorite teams and watching matches as often as possible.